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Design and Tech - Outside

For this Outside story on the most innovative and coolest-looking outdoor gear, colleague Michael Frank and I pored over hundreds of products from dozens of companies to find novel creations like folding bike helmets, avalanche airbag systems, even auto-defrosting ski goggles.


Olympic Gear - Popular Mechanics

When medals are won or lost in hundredths or thousandths of a second, every bit of speed helps. For Popular Mechanics, I highlight the science behind high-end Olympic equipment like slippery swimsuits and how soccer ball construction affects its path in flight.


Meet Your Maker - Red bulletin

It’s rare to have the chance to exclusively highlight handmade sports gear, but Red Bulletin provided exactly that: from bikes to boards, Jen See and I profiled 16 makers of beautiful, bespoke equipment like Wagner custom skis and Crumpton carbon fiber bikes.