The NFL’S Data Revolution - Wired

For years, the NFL lagged behind other sports on data analytics. But recently, the league made an audacious bid to catch up, with a sophisticated RFID system that tracks every player on the field, and could change the sport forever.


Personal health Advocates - 5280

When you’re sick or hurt, the last thing you want is to battle your insurer or provider over coverage and payments. But many people face just that. A new profession—personal healthcare advocate—has risen to help patients get the care they need.


Pro Racing motor scandal - BIcycling

Accusations of pro bike racers using secret hidden motors to cheat have been around for years. But things really exploded when 60 Minutes suggested Lance Armstrong used one in 1999. Did he? And is there a bigger problem?


Colorado’s hops boom - 5280

West Slope farmers discovered that their climate was perfect for a cash crop in a booming market: the craft beer world needed hops. But in Colorado, these growers are largely dependent on a single buyer. Can they expand enough to survive?


184mph on a bike - wired

Before Denise Mueller-Korenek, no one had attempted the dangerous bicycle land speed record in 25 years, and no woman ever had. Here’s the story of how she broke barriers to became the fastest self-powered human in history.


Expanding interests - 5280

The closest ski area to Denver, Eldora has long been derided as a second-class resort. But as ski traffic grinds to a halt, Eldora can capitalize on its location, if it can only transform into a ski area good enough to entice Denverites off I-70.